Thursday, July 30, 2009

Focus on the Family

Something is wrong with my blogger...i can only write on the preview part and there's no nice space to write my text and add photos. that's why i've not been updating.

Anyway, i've been reading the "Focus on the Family" part of the Today papers recently. and to help me remember (ok one day if i ever look back in the blog), i'll just add the quotes here or on my other blog of some parts that i find really helpful.

I've also recently been listening to Marshill Church's sermons on Proverbs which also has this part about children which has helped me understand a lot of things (hopefully i remember them too!), about the goal of parenting, about teaching children, about the right focus etc. one fine day, i need to summarize them somewhere...

Today's "focus on the family" article was "A mind of their own". Obviously we want our kids to know how to think and it's true that they don't always make the best decisions. So how?

"That’s why parenting by trying to control doesn’t work.
Instead of forcing them to obey, we
need to instill in them a desire to be
And that’s done through developing
a loving, caring relationship from the
earliest age."

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