Friday, August 7, 2009

Finally i can post

This is just a 'i am relieved' post cos i can finally post on blogger!!
I just 'refreshed browser cache'. (ok i also added singnet proxy etc etc etc cos they say it's a singnet problem) but yeap...i should be finally uploading photos soon!

I'm waiting for my hair to dry before i charge on to sleep and then to a long work day to rush off the drawings before the tender addendum submission date on tuesday (i'm still praying it gets extended) else i have to go back to office on monday to print the 34 A1 drawings!! drive me nuts!

Sigh...i super miss Eliza :( i know many mums do work late or are overseas away from their kids and i'm really blessed to be working 4-day weeks but still....the thought of going to work on friday (and possibly over the weekend and the public holiday) is super unattractive to me.

Just now, when Eliza did her usual night scratches she calls out to ah-ma instead of me...:(

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