Monday, August 10, 2009

Photos you've missed

With the system down for about 3 weeks there's quite some photos i couldn't post up so some interesting stuff happening in those days....

It's a fantastic thing to be staying near my mum and we try to make it over for a meal every fortnightly. There are days when it pours rain and dogs and so we'll take the sheltered way home (which is a longer walk). Still with rain, it's not too long a walk to complain about. Eliza loves water, so naturally she loves rain!
Not recommended by my mil who says that we'll get sick if we get caught in the rain...but playing with some water won't hurt. :P

It's fun!!

Her weekly artwork....or at least it's ours? I used to paste like 6 pieces of A4 papers on the table for us to scribble but now i re-use the A1s from my office that we would have thrown away. Very useful.
We're still trying to teach her not to run out of the study with the crayons cos she'll accidentally / deliberately draw somewhere something. Still a lot of training and reminders to go. So far she has made 2 streaks on the living room sofa. The crayons are the Crayola washable ones but still have to pull out the sofa cover to wash :S . She tried it on our glass wall once...and kanna reprimanded by my mil and me.

We have two 'vehicles' at home, a car and a scooter. and Eliza has discovered the joy of making us sit on them. It has and is able to withstand the weight of everyone at home, quite strong toys eh?

We went to CVH for lunch to celebrate my fil's birthday and obviously we had to explore everywhere with this little girl who gave me a difficult time by not wanting to really eat her lunch or the buffet food there either.
One of the rare times i manage to catch her signing on camera. She's always so fast!

Oh and she loves the ice-cream cone. Not too excited about the ice-cream though...
Ww told me that while she was playing around the seat somewhere, she kinda fell onto the floor while holding the ice-cream cone and crushed it, looking quite stunned by the whole incident.

One of my fav photos :)

That weekend, Eliza's cousins came over and we had some fun with some cheapo bubbles I bought at the taka toy fair. Of course it drove them all very high. It was so hard to catch them on camera cos they were moving so fast that by the time i managed to snap, they're gone. It doesn't help that the winds that afternoon was really strong and it blew the bubbles all over the place at high speeds.

Waiting patiently for the bubbles to come...she's super excited too.

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