Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The evolution of the sleepy days

I realized today, while putting Eliza to sleep, that her sleeping patterns have evolved over time. From resisting sleep and clinging on to my mil so that she doesn't need to go to sleep, to now happily saying good night to everyone and marching off to the bedroom. It's really interesting.

I've survived carrying her to sleep, rocking her to sleep, dancing her to sleep in those pre-walking days. I've also survived those struggles in getting her to stay in her bed while she wants to bounce off all 6 sides of the room. I've survived the 1 hour getting her to sleep (usually 30mins playing + 30 mins scratching).

Nowadays bedtime is sightly different. Maybe it's because she somehow has dropped her afternoon nap and by the time i get home at around 730-8pm, she's quite tired enough to sleep. So bedtime lasts on an average of 1/2 hour, at least on 80% of the days she dozes off by the time her lullaby songs reach mid-way or earlier.
I guess she also knows it's sleep time anyway, since i would have read to her, prayed with her, reminded her 100x to finish her milk else she'll cry for milk at night and i won't give it to her, turned off the lights and try to lower my voice or not talk at all.

Tonight she has gathered all her bedside friends (Elmo and 3 carebears) + her bolsters while she lay on her tummy and drifted off to lala-land. Before that she'll be flipping off all 4 corners of her bed trying to find a right position, scratching her head/hands/neck/legs, occasionally standing up and saying something, then plopping back to lie down.

Her best position is still to sleep on her tummy, somehow that position seems to minimize her scratching.

However the night times aren't any better, she'll still need to wake up for a stretch of time to scratch scratch scratch. And if i have fallen asleep by then, depending on my state of tiredness, i'm not always the most patient and nice. Because it can last about an hour, i can't be sitting by her bed and patting her or stopping her from scratching; plus cos the scratching comes in waves, she'll scratch, stop and start all over again. In between, i would have dozed off and then get woken up by her whines or demands for me to sit beside her bed. Interestingly, she doesn't want to sleep with us, it would be a better option cos i can be beside her through the scratchy hour but she'll want to get back to her bed! The only time she sleeps with us is when she wakes up at 6am+ for milk and falls back to sleep.

I hope this night itchiness and wakings evolve away so i can have a more peaceful night's sleep.

Still, it is a bliss to have her fall asleep, knowing that she's getting the rest she needs to grow and i can also have some me-time or a nap too!

There are times in the afternoons when she's so tired she'll fall asleep drinking her milk/water. This time was quite an exception, the fever was making her quite tired and drowsy...and somehow drinking water eventually sent her off to lala-land.

When we go out, boring strolls on her stroller during her nap times are perfect for getting her to sleep. Even so, she's still insistent on trying to stay up until sleep overcomes her...well...that's why she is usually found falling asleep like that.

There's something really enjoyable about have a deep good sleep...her leg usually is raised up (kiao1 ka1)...seems like it's more comfortable like that.

This was a rare morning she's still sleeping when both of us are already awake (it was 9am!)
So shuang3

Enjoy your naps!

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