Thursday, August 20, 2009

Photos of our weekends

It has been busy at work and when i have to OT or work that extra day, i intensely feel that the extra $ i earn is nothing compared to the extra time i spend with Eliza. I so feel like doing what SAHMs do.

These days Eliza will wake up around 6am for milk and knock off to sleep after that. So on most mornings, i'll go to work while she's still fast asleep. So i really hate to reach home late (even if it's like 1/2hour late from my usual time) and miss out on my time with her. Evenings are usually spent on getting her ready for sleep which gets more challenging nowadays with her being even more excited that everyone has come home and there's so many people to play with.

One good thing is that she'll gamely say 'night night' to everyone and follow me into the room. I'm trying to get her to brush her teeth with toothbrush and toothpaste instead of using the cloth to clean them. And so far it has been quite a challenge. On the first time she was excited about her toothbrush, but after that she refused to open her mouth and will run away from me. I don't really want to 'force' it down her throat, and knowing her it'll get worse if i do that. I've read many suggestions but i'm still trying to find the right one that will appeal to her.

Cats are the most real animals around and Eliza's quite happy to make friends with them, but they're not all to friendly and most are fearful of her.

With the understand of what 'mei mei' is (pretty in chinese), she finally would wear her sweet hairband...

And it's not just a short while only! The hairband is still on!
She didn't look too much like her in this sweet girl! :)

The thrill of sitting on the swing...i finally can catch her expression!!

Watching my mil do houswork, Eliza is also learning to do some too. I wonder if she can see the stains on the floor with those sunglasses...

She has also started to help out with some clearing keeping our shoes...not that we wanted to her to do them...

It has been quite a clingy days for her...she'll hug my leg and wouldn't let me go or keep asking you to carry her...i hope it's a phase she'll grow out of.

Some cheeky stuff she does that she finds funny too...sticking the rubber suction thing on her head...i think her ah-gong or daddy must have gotten her to do that

Twisting and turning is still a skill that she's learning...meanwhile, Thomas the train toy will continue to be assembled and taken apart by us, by Eliza's request

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