Sunday, August 23, 2009

Gai gai

Unless we are sick, huey-ka mummy will usually bring huey-ka Eliza out, with or without daddy or my in-laws although it is great that they come along as well; more people more fun. Nowadays i crack my head to where we can go to...and i also prefer choosing places where Eliza can run about and play rather than the boring shopping i made her endure today at Expo.

We had a free saturday afternoon to ourselves as Ww's parents were out at Batam and we couldn't figure out where to go. We thought of changi boardwalk but Eliza's meals are kind of early today so doing the walk will mean we'll have dinner somewhere during the walk (not the best scenario). so we thought of checking out Satay by the Bay at Clifford Pier.

Fantastic day, it turned out to be. We 'survived' the mrt ride and explored a bit of Fullerton hotel with Eliza. She loved the Kois at the pond there. and happily checked out the open space here:

We walked down to the Fullerton walk as the shortcut to Clifford Pier was closed for renovation. Went past the merlion...

Strolled the scenic walk by the sea...

Breathed in the salty sea air

and unsuccessfully tried to take a family photo

And eventually settle down at a somewhat scenic but nice outdoor seating area for some satay and super overpriced orange juice in a tiny bottle...

we pounced on the satay (Eliza included) so fast i didn't think about taking any photos at all. :P

Love our outings :)

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