Saturday, September 12, 2009

Weekend to ourselves

We're having the weekend to ourselves. Well...Ww, Eliza & me only. And this being the holidays, we've been out quite often.

Even wednesday, when i took a half-day off, was a day out with Ww & Eliza. Bought quite some books at Techman cos of the sale. Popped by the library cos Ww wanted to check the reference section stuff. Walked over to Chijmes and some building with sleek water feature. It was quite a stick-hands-in-the-water-feature-day. Happy girl.

Thursday, we meant to drop by Ion cos Ww hasn't checked that place out yet. I arrived at noon at Wisma and went to have lunch with Eliza which failed cos Eliza didn't want to eat her usual fav rice. (i didn't cook her meals that day cos we woke up at 845am which is v.rare and she also tends to waste her meals when we go out to eat). So we settled with half her milk and we dozed off while on our way to Ion. And being the lazy us who just prefer to sit over coffee and chat, we found a cafe in Ion and stayed there till Eliza woke up from her nap. Then we dropped by Borders and after that made our way to Botanic gardens, ending our trip with dinner at the cafe there.

Friday, I washed the bedsheets and cooked lunch & dinner. Thank God Eliza woke up late (8am?) which gave me time to soak the bedsheets and prepare the cooking stuff. Eliza & I made a trip to NTUC to buy stuff and the overambitious me bought a bit too many things that are heavy. It doesn't help when 10.5kg Eliza insists on being carried most of the way home, even on her favourite overhead bridge. (remind me often that favourite things do wear off at some point of time for these unpredictable toddlers) I had quite a weight lifting workout! :S

Oh well...i love the going out with Eliza, (which kid doesn't love going out?)
the staying home with Eliza, (home is her safe haven and wrecking a lot of things place)
the eating well with Eliza, (when she watches Elmo and has her porridge with her fav soup + extra meat/veg; or when she indulges on nice stuff while we eat)
the sleeping Eliza (so i can catch up with watching House(S5) that's clogging up the SmartTv recordings),
the going-to-bed-well Eliza (patience with a toddler who doesn't want to sleep and is bouncing off all 6 walls of the room, and nice snuggles and singing or patting to sleep)
the playing Eliza (she sure does play well and entertain us too).

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