Saturday, September 12, 2009

We went out

Somehow we always end up at bookstores or libraries when we go out. I love the open space at the National library, but it's just too bad Eliza can be quite reluctant to leave my arms to enjoy the expanse of space. Still, chasing daddy was good progress.

The children's section at the national library is quite spacious too with interesting chairs that Eliza likes.

this was at Odeon towers...nice water feature that Eliza was obviously very interested.

Fun to sit!

The sunday with a lot of stuff to do.
This was on our way to church...

In the playroom during service. Eliza loves this space where we usually go after the music worship part. She could still enjoy & sway/dance to the music but i really can't expect her to be silent & still during the sermon. Most of the time Jospeh is there too...he's such a cherry & bubbly kid and he's always super attentive if i have food with me.

Had lunch at my mum's place.
I should really consider bringing more toys/books over to my mum's place. Most of the time she loves playing with my sis's TKGS doll, our piano, the toy keyboard which is now faulty, magnets at the fridge and this:

Somehow it's hard to capture pristine photo moments...this is Eliza in her top that's a bit short and yet too long for a nice skirt/shorts, plus it's a bit big for her and ok i don't expect her to bother about her state of clothes.

Her cousins arrived after we returned from lunch at my mum's place. Obviously she's super duper excited.

Later we headed off to Fidgets at TurfCity. took us a while to find that place in turf city itself! But it was the largest of the indoor playgrounds that we have went to. There's a nice toddler one which Eliza started out with.

And came down the slide which did look quite steep.

After we warmed up at the mini-playground. I brought her to the big-kids one where her cousins were playing at, well...2 out of 3 of her cousins. One of them backed out at the sight of it. Daunting? Some are, esp when i think of whether to let Eliza down the super steep slide. Her older cousin got accidentally pushed down the slide when he was sitting at the top...and he went head down actually; ended up with a blueblack but it didn't stop him.
Eliza didn't have the kind of concerns i have, obviously...and the only thing she's afraid of is the kids, in particular those who are rough and just going too fast. At some straight slides, i looked down at the steepness and wasn't sure if i want to let Eliza down that and so have to divert her away to something else. She only got hurt twice, once was when she was at the bottom of some triangle level ladder thing (she always loves to hang around where people land), and got kicked in the eye by some boy who was coming down but can't see her. The other time she didn't get her footing well at the same ladder thing and skipped a level, luckily managed to catch her when she landed on the next level. (sorry the bad description...i couldn't bring a camera in mainly because i had to chase a super hyped up toddler)

No photos. My arms and legs were so busy just trying to keep up with her and diverting her...15mins in there and i'm beat.

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