Sunday, October 4, 2009

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I've been lagging behind on my posts lately cos there were so much to do after eliza's bedtime. (ok some of it is online shopping...) but some projects and even work, else it's chatting /watching tv with ww. So i may have missed out quite a number of photos in between that by now i'm too lazy to post le..but this was what happened this weekend while my mil was away at genting.

I'm quite unpracticed with cooking while eliza's around and by experience, for the past months or so she has always been asking to be carried while my mil or i am cooking (in the few times i do cook). she'll come between our legs and the cabinet, whining and wanting us to give her the attention. So far, food & tv is the best distraction, i try to keep it as the last resort. and even so it doesn't always work. The mornings are best for cooking, esp preparing her meals, when she's in the best of mood and will play by herself.
So i've got to keep her interested in something so i can do stuff in peace. (really not much but it's quite useful for now)

Eliza cooks her fishes and bears.

And she'll feed it to us...or her good friend Elmo.

I've since upgraded her cooking ingredients to uncooked rice.

children's day was quite a cloudy day and we hopped on the opportunity to go to the Changi Boardwalk since we didn't make it there the last time we planned to.

Eliza smelling the Ixora. The fad of the month is picking ixora flowers and plucking its petals.

Obviously, the sea part is the fun part. Enjoying the sea breeze.

silly cute girl dancing in joy. She was really happy to be out there.

We told her to leave that bunch of leaves alone and we walked on ahead of her, only to hear her whines and found her caught in the branches. That bunch of leaves was actually a rose branch and had loads of thorns. Her socks got caught in the thorns and she couldn't get out of the tangle. It doesn't help that she couldn't stay still in her struggle to get away and got more tangled in it. Anyway, with Ww's help, we managed to get the branch out and threw it into the sea, lest another unsuspecting soul gets caught in it. What a lesson for Eliza! Listen & obey mummy & daddy ok?

Pose pose...

As usual, busy plucking the weeds and slotting it through the timber gaps.

Making silly faces.

Laughing at her silly face actics

Back at home on friday. Playing in her play room. Now playing hide-and-seek with Elmo. She'll hide Elmo and then ask me 'where?', and then both of will find Elmo and burst into giggles when we find him.

Eliza gets Elmo to sit on Thomas the train, she sits on it too later.

Building a 'house', with some mummy's help. And then she puts elmo in it. Later adds on all the balls, toys and whatever she can find.

So cozy hor.

(the rest of this weekend's photos are in my hp and my computer bluetooth has gone on a strike so can't upload them)

My little girl is growing up so fast. This week, she's spurting out more words. And i love the way she says 'Hello Kitty'. She mixes some chinese in what she says like 'mummy 坐', or she'll count 7,8,9, in chinese, 猪猪. Sometimes she says some words that surprise me, eng & chinese, even though there're many words not fully pronounced and it takes me a while to figure out what she's saying.

She can be quite drama-mama sometimes and will exaggerate her displeasure by pretending to cry terribly, but i'll give her the blank look and request that she tell me what she wants instead of behaving like that. The immediate response she tries to wring out of us is sympathy but then mummy&daddy are smarter, we know when it's for real and when it's not.

One of the things that i don't always like is that she'll not walk for long when we go out, and will very quickly turn 180degrees to request 'mummy bao4bao4'. maybe we should bring the stroller out more often ya?

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