Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trying to say byebye to the pacifier

It's been at least 2 weeks since Eliza has gone without her pacifier at night. She still asks for it but i have been able to deflect her interest to something else more exciting. (gosh thank God for all the ideas at the right time). Some days, like today, was going to brush teeth and standing on the covered toilet bowl while doing so. Other days, it's slathering moisturizing cream on her or hugging her Elmo, or stuff i somehow just can't remember now. At least it worked at that time.

How it all started...
I realized that there're nights when she doesn't ask for her pacifier. And i knew she could sleep without it, and without having to fuss about not having it. the other hurdle to overcome was myself because it is easier to get her to sleep or calm down with the pacifier and i was also the one dependent on it. This is especially in the deep of the night when all i need to do sometimes is pop the pacifier to her and she'll just zonk out, just like that. Gosh who doesn't want that! (this doesn't happen when she's having those scratchy nights). When i could overcome the deep of the night pacifier popping i was ready for the no-pacifier nights.
One of the nights we were reading her fav bedtime storybooks where the baby was taking eating the pacifier but the baby's older brother wasn't..and i was telling her that she's a big girl now and doesn't need pacifier. She kinda bought the idea that time, so i said Elmo doesn't need one, mummy doesn't etc etc etc. Ok at least it helped for a few nights.

Daytime naps are a little difficult cos my mil usually gets her to sleep and she'll be quite ok with giving her the pacifier. Even one of the nights when we went out and my mil put Eliza to zz, she also gave her the pacifier. Considering, i usually keep the pacifier in places where Eliza can't see but somehow my mil will know.

It's gonna be tough. Now i'm wondering whether to go through giving up the pacifier during the time my mil goes for holiday coming end Oct or whether to do potty training then. There're people who says that they'll learn when they're ready to and others who advocate that as long as the parents are ready, they'll learn. I just not too sure whether Eliza is...and maybe me too? We'll see...


Ms Long said...

both events take lots of patience (of us!!) ... so once u start on it, hang in there and draw strength from the Lord :)

pacifier may be a little easier ya, since she's still young ;p easy to "骗". ;p

i threw away the pacifier (so that i cannot "turn" to the pacifier when my resolve gets weak! hehehe).

kaira really loves her pacifier so it was alittle hard on her when weaning her off it. but my motivation comes from seeing 3 to 4 year olds here with the pacifier in their mouths running around in the playground, shopping etc. I don't think i want my child to be still dependent on the pacifier at that age! ;) so after enduring 1 week of whining from her during naptimes/bedtime, all's well!

Grace said...

heh..yeah! gotta have to really throw it away such that there's no backing out...good idea. gonna do that during the week i'm home. wish me determination!