Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daddy's Bday dinner

We made reservations at the Azur to celebrate daddy's birthday so we went there earlier to explore and let Eliza run about the airport. There were nice pockets or gardens at the mrt terminal which Eliza loved cos there's water features.

This was one of them...

It's quite a distance between the T2 and T3 link to the mrt station and the travellator was quite interesting for Eliza. To walk or not to walk?

We knew Eliza will want us to carry her once there's no interesting stuff for her to gravitate her to. At the exit of the T3 mrt station, i told Eliza that the playground is there and she can make her way there. It is quite a distance from the mrt station exit to the playground but i'm not sure if she's familar with the place and i think once she figured out that this place looks familiar or that she saw the playground, off she goes. No turning back, no turning back. There's no use even trying to hide cos she didn't even bother to look for us!

They were setting out this nice array of flowers and a swing in a cage which was quite a photo moment for a lof of people getting their kids to sit on the swing in the cage. While Eliza was waiting for her turn, she was also smelling the flowers. She picked this up from the baby learns to read flip up books, where we learn the word smell and there's a picture of a girl smelling the flowers. I'm not sure if she smells anything much from the flowers though.

Anyway Azur's buffer spread was super fantastic and i loved the hagen das ice-cream which is just too much for me. I didn't have time to take photos cos the food was wow and cos we had to manage Eliza who was also quite overwhelmed by the variety of foods...especially wanting those foods i'm not so willing to let her indulge.
Anyway, we were so full after that daddy, Eliza & me had to take a walk. She especially loved playing or more like lifting the upside-down-grape cushion.

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