Friday, October 16, 2009

The day we super gaigai-ed

Last sunday, we had my SIL's car for the whole day. It was perfect, considering we had quite a bit of places we had to go.

Location 1: Church
It's a sunday right? And we make it for church on time. It was a bit tough trying to get Eliza to wake up. She was still zzzing at 8am! By the time we got out she was still a little dazed.

This is her in the playroom during the sermon time. She'll always promptly tell me to go to the playroom after she's bored out in the church sanctuary. This is obviously her favourite place, even though she'll cling on to me if her friends come in. Ok la, she also does attempt to play but she's the non-aggressor type and giving type. So she'll retreat or give away the toys if her friends want her toys. Love it that she's quite helpful in keeping the toys when we need to leave.

In between we had lunch with my cell at Waraku Pasta at T2 and rushed off to Ww's colleague's son's birthday party. We didn't stay for long though cos by then it was 2pm and Eliza hasn't had her mid-day nap yet. She eventually did fall off to sleep in the car on our way to the next destination.

We decided that since we have the car, we should go to some ulu place that's quite inaccessible unless you have a car. Ww said it was a secret place and surprise but i kinda guessed where we were going to go eventually anyway.

Where is this?

Doesn't look like SG. I would love to have spaces like this for Eliza to run about (and the weather a bit cooler)...and at least she won't be so afraid of walking on grass. After a few minutes she'll be turning around to me and begging "mummy baobao1".

Anyway, this is at the Saddle Club, which i think is near Bukit Timah. There's a cafe there which is quite cozy for some afternoon tea and horse watching. Eliza was taking such a long nap she only woke about 415pm...and we could enjoy our coffee. After Eliza has woke and drunk her milk, we took a walk about and saw horses up close. We saw horses doing their exercises (the trainer makes them run round and round and round this round fenced area), we saw kids riding horses, we also saw the horses grazing at their fenced area.

After that we wanted to go Vivo for dinner but Ww took a wrong turn and we landed up at Scotts road. We thought, since we're so near the Botanic gardens, we might as well make our trip there.

Anyway, Eliza was hanging around this coin slot machine that dispenses fish food and we bought one for her. We wanted to head off to other places but she was so adamant in opening the fish food pack that we just have to let her clear it in the pond.
She enjoyed pouring the fish food and watching the fishes eat, though she only could pour it quite near the edge of the pond so a lot of the fishes were crowding there for a bite of the food.

Later we took a walk in the direction we hardly take, towards the Eco-garden side. We passed by the Evoloution garden which is really quite interesting. Eliza was in her stroller and when i asked her if she wanted to come out to walk around, she told me "No, no, no" it has to be the three times...and i know where it has come from. (me who else)

This is the Eco-pond. Really nice space where people have picnic and play ball in the fields behind. There're black swans here though and some people were feeding the pigeons and fishes with bread. (if you see the white white stuff on the ground)

This water-loving girl wanted to step into the pond but we had to pull her back and daddy found a interesting activity to do. Throw pebbles into the pond.

It was quite an exhausting day, really. By the time we sat down for dinner, all of us were quite spent. Eliza was also not the most cooperative and the restaurant didn't serve any rice, so we ordered spaghetti which was a mess for eliza to self-feed. (she won't let me feed her)
Still it was a fun day!

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