Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Letter A

To jump start on some informal formal learning, i started doing "Letter of the Week" with Eliza last week. I've been wanting to do so for a long time, after being inspired by some mums who are doing it..and also to find some activity to engage Eliza in during the day. There are loads and loads of resources available online and it was tough to choose through all of them. ABCand123 is one of them that helped me jump start this whole project.

So we started with the Letter A!

It was a little messy for me initially because Eliza wanted everything in the basket (see the green and white woven basket on the right?) and I didn't have time to explain anything much before she jump started into her activity. Oh well...little excited girl. :P Then i found the high chair too constricted to do colouring or other activities. Still we did start with learning & colouring APPLE. Not that she doesn't know it anyway.

The next day we pasted "A"s that i cut out from magazines to paste on "A". (8Days mag is quite good resource for nice big letters)

It took her a while to get the hang of the pasting, even so i needed to do a lot of guiding.

After that she 自由发挥 and started pasting it on herself and found it quite amusing.

And then slotting into the cupboards....

Weekdays are really rushed after i come home from work, still we manage to have fun with paper Aeroplanes!

She preferred us to throw and then she picks it up for us. She does throw it though she holds the tip of the plane so it doesn't go far...or drops behind her. haha..but we had fun throwing the paper aeroplanes :D

I tried making an apple tree with her but i guess it's not that simple getting her to grasp the concept of making some thing like that. I had to do this in 2 parts/days cos initially she wasn't really getting it and we weren't getting anywhere. (we can do this when she's older next time)
We eventually made the tree though!

She had fun exploring it :P

So we learnt the letter A: Apple, Aeroplane, Ant (i wanted to do some make-an-ant activity but just didn't have the time on the weekday).

She had fun pasting the words and her works on the glass panels and i'll try to review the words with her when i do. Actually, i did quite have fun preparing the 'lesson' and may expand to include other non-letters activities in future. Somehow i also realized that this was more or a platform for her to learn words and do fun stuff cos i realized she does know quite a number of alphabets from baby signing time. Still, there're 26 of them...and we have 1/2 a year more to learn many many things!

More on letter B next week!

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Mich said...

Great job! It takes a lot of patience and dedication but it definitely pays off! =)