Friday, October 30, 2009

Bye bye pacifier

It's been like 2 weeks that Eliza has not needed her pacifier already. It wasn't all too bad and we didn't go cold turkey either. While the last time i blogged about it she didn't need it for bedtime. The day time nap was a bit difficult but by God's grace came one friday when i couldn't remember where her pacifier got hidden and i didn't want to go out of the room to find the other spare ones either. So i told her i couldn't find it and that she's a big girl now so she doesn't need it. There were some resistance initially but it wasn't really drama enough for me to remember what happened after that.

So it's bye bye pacifier. I threw them away. yays!

She occasionally mentions it these days but i'll say that she's a big girl now and don't need her 'tu tu' which she affectionately calls it. I'll say that mummy/daddy/ah-ma/elmo doesn't eat it either. And she'll say "Elmo mai/mummy mai/ah-ma mai". Last night i heard her say that to herself, repeating the people she knows and saying they don't want (it), i guess.

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