Saturday, November 7, 2009

Letter B

We were on letter B for 2 weeks cos there're so many B words!

I didn't find any much B songs cos the star one was Pat-a-cake but i substituted it with the letter E. One or two i tried didn't quite catch with her. as her A song (the A-a-a-a-choo song)

We did Ball, Bubble, Balloon, Boat, Binoculars, Blue, Bean.

Anyway we started the letter B with colouring, as usual, which she'll happily scribble some few strokes for me.

This is our 'wall' which Eliza will paste the words and colouring for me.

Beans were a hit with her cos she could play with it and cook it..and...

Feed Elmo with it...ok it looks like he's intoxicated with green beans.

And we grew the green beans. Not that Eliza could really understand what growing is about till..

few days later when it bloomed. Actually it was a little neglected for the inital days cos i was working and i left the beans outside which made watering more difficult. After that i brought it in and got Eliza to touch the leaves and water the plants.
She super loves watering the plants, it's the water thing. Playing with water is the draw.

Making sure the water got in.

I should try putting these beans in the soil.

Then we folded paper boats like we folded aeroplanes. But silly me saw an activity to put paper boats in water and i did it....not that it lasted long anyway. I think the paper in the activity used was better ones. My coloured papers turned the water purple and yellow!! And it sank quite fast...esp when Eliza, in excitement flooded the boats.

On another day i tried to make plastic ones instead but it didn't look so boaty and i guess she couldn't quite tell from it. Got her to help me paste the sticker.

The fun was in stirring the boats with the stick

we try to water the green beans everyday

Got her to colour stuff to paste on the binoculars. I didn't exactly teach her the word but i thought it was a fun 'toy' to make.


Bubbles was an activity we did for the week when our kid neighbour comes out to blow bubbles for her...which she super duper enjoys. And she could point out the word bubble for me. haa..i guess it's easier when you like it yah?

It's been fun learning or more like playing with her but i'm still learning to do stuff that's more age appropriate for her, so not too many dramatic or crafty things yet. Look out for letter C soon!

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