Sunday, December 13, 2009

Daddy sleep~!

I love snoozing on weekends (which starts on friday) even after Eliza wakes up at about 7-730am. I'll usually go to the kitchen, make milk for her, and plop back to snooze/sleep while she finishes up her milk. Usually she'll pop off outside to read her books or play with her toys...and i'll enjoy my snooze for 1/2 to 1hr more.

Since last friday, she would gave me my spectacles to wear, and try to get me out of bed. She'll say: " mummy come out~~~" (in her Eliza way of saying...sound kinda deh~)

And Ww was also still in bed so she looked at him while i was trying to get up and commanded him: " daddy sleep~~ "

obviously, Ww was happily plop back to enjoy his privilege to sleep.

there goes the end of my snoozing mornings.

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