Monday, December 28, 2009


I felt like i was busy all the way to Christmas, or i just didn't have much mood to update the blog cos there was other stuff to do. We had a great time at Phuket, so much so that we felt that the trip was just too short! The resort was really just too fantastic and even if you don't go out exploring the island like what we did, you could stay there all day. The pools were so relaxing & fun, the beach so enticing!

We could have gone to the more popular places but somehow we did a road trip thing and drove all around the island (and got lost a few times). Ww loved the Honda Jazz that was rented for 1200 baht a day, we topped up the 1/2 tank of petrol but the car was so fuel efficient that we only used 1/4 tank! argh. We basically checked out Patong beach, the Viewpoint, Phuket Aquarium, TongSai Waterfall and some beaches.

We'll love to go back there again and check out the more ulu but beautiful beaches, Phiphi island & stay there a night, stay a few more days at Maikao beach (the Marriot resorts there are super huge!), check out the other waterfall and maybe try a trek (we couldn't cos Eliza was zzzing in her stroller), maybe go see the Sunset at Sunset bay. If we don't go overseas for studies next year, i may try to convince Ww to go. hoho.

Thank God it was a short flight, so i whipped out all my bag of tricks to keep Eliza occupied. Of course the eating part was the most fun but accident prone part (think food and spoon all over the place).

My driver.

My backseat buddy...mostly sleeping for long drives.

Courtyard at Surin. comfy and huge. of course the water slide was fun for all of us. Eliza refused to stop...she kept wanting to go down the slide even after we did that countless times.

Lunch at Surin. Don't u love those pretty umbrellas...looks quite japanese. Eliza was snatching the fries before we gobble them all up. We didnt' expect out food to come with fries and Eliza was still recovering from her cough/runny she wasn't supposed to eat them.

This is Surin beach, the sea literally roared all the time. So we admired the beach from afar most of the time, wasn't too keen on dipping, also cos it was not recommended to swim. Still u see a lot of ppl in the sea anyway.

The few rare photos of us swimming in the pool, we were just too busy, especially at the slide

The first and last time Eliza wears the robe....cos it signals that it's time to get out of the pool, which she obviously doesn't want.

Jungcelon, Patong very big mall. We stopped there for dinner and to stock up on water. anyway we realized we were such water guzzlers that we needed 4litres a day...almost.

Day 2
We stopped by at Kamala beach.

Ended up in the late mornign at Patong for a swim and sand play. Eliza was picking up sea shells.

After Patong beach we were going around the island, popping by at the Viewpoint, some ulu beach which we thought was the Sunset viewpoint, drove along the east side of phuket and to phuket town. We got quite lost trying to find our way to Phuket Aquarium cos i couldn't gauge the distance in the map and the wasn't much road signs to guide you. We eventually stopped at the petrol station to ask for directions. amazing race.
this is my fav fish at the phuket aquarium...cos it was quite silly. 2-horned cow fish. Many funny silly fishes that put us in awe of God's amazing creation.

Our fav thing to and dessert after Eliza falls off to sleep in her night stroll. She wouldn't sleep in the bedroom cos she'll either be too distracted or too afraid. So we stroll her to sleep. thank God she's back on routine back home after all the cut backs in our routines.

Day 3
We had to walk Surin beach again...this time in the morning when the sun isn't so high in the sky

Walked across the floating jetty...and we walked all the way to the end cos Eliza insists on walking all the way to the end.

Kids world at Courtyard at Surin. How could we miss this? If only we had more time for Eliza to hang around there.

Ball pit & slide!

The disappointing Tong Sai waterfall. disappointing cos we couldn't trek up further and that it cost us 200baht per person per entry. Not cheap!

We left her to continue to zzz while we trekked off to the other waterfall. (she was still within our view)

Checking in at JW Marriott with flower garlands and refreshing drink. We were quite early and had to wait about 2hrs for our room to be ready. So we went to have lunch and explored the place a bit.

Our room!! Larger than the one at Courtyard

Going for a dip at MaiKao beach, the waves were really strong but we enjoyed it loads. Eliza was laughing at Ww for being 'crashed' by the wave. Some were so big you could see the rip curl. Quite exicitng!

How could we miss a dip at the other pools...this is only one of the 3 pools at the resort. Eliza loved this steps part.

We'll be back again! I'm not sure if Eliza remembers all these but at least she can see the photos next time and know that she was there...and really enjoyed it. It was a happy day everyday, really, imagine snacking all day, swimming everyday, playing in the huge toylands.

We had a great time too, especially with Eliza. There were places we would have gone (the Island tour) or done without Eliza along and our schedules were shorter to accommodate her sleep times; our luggage was mostly her stuff (food, clothes, logistics, stuff), but with her it made the trip all the fun. I loved playing at the Kids world with her too! Nevertheless, like we always say, we can't help but want to bring her along to travel wherever we go, cos she's so fun to be with and we know she'll enjoy it too.

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