Thursday, March 4, 2010

mosquitoes & brushing & others

It's the end of the work week for me and somehow i'm so looking forward to this weekend to spend with Eliza. The past two weeks has been busy with outings and visitations etc so I'm looking forward to some peaceful home time and simple outing, downstairs at the playground + park and to the library with Eliza.

- Daddy's away in Perth on a work trip and i wonder what Eliza's reaction will be when we go pick him up at the airport tomorrow. So far we've told her that daddy has taken an airplane to Perth for work stuff.

- Eliza's bitten by the mosquitoes 5 times 2 nights ago. 3 on her cheek nearer her ear, 1 on her forehead and 1 near her elbow. Everytime she gets bitten it swells into a large hard lump and sometimes there's like pus inside. Gee...poor gal... The last time she got bitten it was on her heel and she was so uncomfortable that she refused to bathe, cos she was afraid it would hurt and she walked weird for a half-a-day. Sigh...seems like i have a resident mosquito and so far the mosquito repellent didn't seem to kill it, even though it may have warded it away when it's turned on.

- Toothbrushing
It has taken me about 2months+ to get her aquainted with her toothbrush and about 1 month with her brushing her teeth (or more like tongue) on her own and for a few weeks, me helping her brush her teeth. This was not a i-force-you thing to do cos i sensed it would backfire, moreover i didn't want to be brushing the teeth of a struggling and adamant toddler. So far it has been quite good until recently, somehow she would stand beside me while i brush my teeth but wouldn't let me brush hers after i'm done. the first time it happened, i talked for 10mins (trying out all kinds of tactics) before one worked. And it worked like a gem. The crying toothbrush which was sad that it didn't get to clean Eliza's teeth of all the plague. She opened her mouth immediately. And it worked so well, i'm using that everyday. :) I hope we do this so often that toothbrushing becomes a habit....minus the frills which are for now quite fun. Now i'm worried when that tactic will backfire...oops!
Still, our toddlers are such unpredictable never know what silly stuff tickles them silly or makes them more agreeable with you.

- Insisting nicely, consistently
I have been conscious to be consistent and to insist on some things which i didn't want her to develop a bad habit in. Eliza is very cooperative when it comes to keeping her toys and she can do it well, except for times when she's flying from one thing to another and can't seem to concentrate on the task at hand. She'll do it and flit off to another thing. This is one thing I'm trying to insist on, to finish what one starts. That when it's time to keep toys, we get the task done.
Sometimes, she won't agree on doing it. ie today halfway through her brushing the room door opened (cos of the wind and cos i didn't close it yet) and she suddenly wanted to go say 'night night' to ah-ma again. It took some wailing (ya bad enough for my mil to come and ask what happened), and protests before she could calm down and finish brushing her teeth (or at least come to the mummy-brush-your-teeth part). It would have been easier to let her go but i knew it would be harder for her to come back to continue brushing, and it was a good opportunity to teach her the value of finishing one's task (or more like not to be so distracted).
It was a bit of a struggle whether to insist as i didn't know if she would eventually cooperate and brush her teeth or breakdown into a pile of messier tears and worse, vomit due to crying too hard. Hope this little lesson/activity will help her in the long run. :)

- Schooling
Eliza has been expressing interest in going to school and i haven't really moved to really find out more about the playschools. Party because of all the things i've been reading regarding sending toddlers to school at such a young age. But i'm hoping to try out Charis Montessori's parent toddler class which is on saturday. Too bad it's not the nearest from home, else i would even consider their 2 or 3 day preschool. So far from what i've gleaned from the website, i like the small class size and the Christian focus it has. Still gotta go check it out to find out more. I have told Eliza beforehand that when she goes to school, mummy/daddy/ahma/ahgong will not be there, just teachers and her friends. Is she ok with that? So far she repeats after me. Still we'll try out the parent-toddler class first. My only problem is that it's not near my place that's all. More updates soon.

Playing Legos today

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