Monday, March 22, 2010

Picnics, Cutting hair, Flashcards

On outdoor concerts
I think sometimes we run out of places to go but on weekends when there are concerts in the park, we just love it. I think it's part enjoying the music and part letting Eliza run loose to check out other kids. (i don't quite enjoy the feeding Eliza part...cos picnicking dinner means we're on the groundsheet and nothing to hold her in). At this this time round it was quite ok since she was quite hungry.

tickling her and she happily let Ww do so

We listened to swing jazz, ate dinner under the cloudy sky, Eliza ran off to play bubbles with another kid and his helper, then she later dragged me off to see two boys playing baseball. it was quite a wet day and there wasn't a lot of people, not the best since you get all the wet grass stuck to you. Still, we love picnics like that...bliss!

On cutting hair


My mil commented on how did i let the hairdresser cut her hair so short which wasn't the nicest, though we all agreed it made her look cheek-ier. I loved her previous hairstyle (or whatever there was in a mess), and my mil enjoyed clipping her hair in all cute manners. Still at least a shorter fringe will allow me to not have to cut her hair so often, after all it's the fringe that's a bother.
Thank God she was super duper cooperative during the hair snipping, to the extent that i think she enjoyed it! I'm always afraid she'll be afraid and will bring my ipodtouch as a backup plan. This time she sat on a 板 so that she's elevated (instead of on my lap previously), and we tell her that she's going to be 美美 after that.
I guess it must have been fun for her cos this evening during bedtime she was covering me with her blanket, just like when we go to the hairdressers, and telling me that she's cutting my hair, while using her fingers to pretend that she's cutting my hair. She even had to ensure that my shoulders are covered, like the real thing. She had such a kick at doing so that i had eventually tell her that it's night time and the shop needs to close. my cute girl. i just had to tell Ww what she did after that.

On creating her own sentences
It's really interesting to see and listen to how their conversations with you and others play out. A lot of it is learnt from what we say to her and she develops from there. It's amazing how God made toddlers to be language experts (well almost...after all they pick up language at such an amazing rate).

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