Sunday, July 25, 2010

Starting school and babies

Eliza starts school
Ww mentioned that Eliza's school uniform looked just like Elmo's...i just had to take a photo of her & Elmo. Got me laughing crazy when Ww pointed that out, days after we have gotten the uniform...and i didn't realize it at all.

Oh this was quite a while ago already...since the beginning of july. Except that she missed almost one entire week cos she was sick and we were worried that she will pass it on to other kids, since she herself got it from another kid.
So far the separation has been much better. During the first 2 days she was quite happy to go to school, after that it was downhill for a week. Everytime my mil brings out her uniform she'll run away...and she'll cry her way down. The good part is that she'll be sooo chirpy and happy when she's coming out, it's really quite fun to pick her up after school. The playschool is just 2 blocks away so it has the advantage of being so nearby.
We hadn't planned to put her in school so early, but seeing that my mil is so busy during the mornings, plus not always being able to guide her in her emotional & mental a way. We felt that getting Eliza to start some 2-hr playgroup would be a fun thing for Eliza (since she has been so 'on' about going to school). And at the same time it would be a good relief for my mil. Would have loved to put her in another school but it's so far away at Kembangan.

Every time we ask her what she learnt at school, she'll say some meow meow song (everytime!) so it's really hard to decipher what she did at school, other than the timetable we have from the school. This weekend, she told me of watching fireworks and i kinda caught her singing some song that sounded like the National Anthem..hahaa..this girl ah...always singing.

Eliza loves her older cousin but is apprehensive of her new baby girl cousin

I thought she did seem kinda disappointed that her cousins weren't here this weekend. My SIL needed to rest after her delivery so it's not a good time for them to come either.
Then we also realized that she is really not very warmed up to the baby either. She's really not a fan of babies and younger kids. She'll acknowledge the presence of the baby like "who cry?" but don't dare to get near the baby. Sometimes, i wonder if it's some bad experience with younger kids in the past or lack of exposure with younger kids and babies; or it's just her...that she's not a fan of babies at all.

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