Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sleep talking part 2

Eliza tend to rouse around 12midnight to 1am and in before that she tends to sleep talk. Usually we hear it when we're in the room..though nowadays, it seemed to be much louder.

On one of the nights when i was staying up, i heard her call out "Where's mummy?" which she would do if she is sufficiently awake and don't find me in my bed. So i answered from the study that i'm coming while i turn off the computer, thinking i'll go to bed anyway, since it's so late. I found her fast asleep when i went into the room to check. So was she sleeping or awake?

Oh and i'm starting to wonder if she has started to have nightmares / night terrors....she'll suddenly wake up crying really loud and somehow seem inconsolable. Though it could be that she was feeling bloated and it is really uncomfortable. Tonight i rubbed some ruyi oil and it seemed to help. It happened on other occasions..just that this time she was saying "i don't want, i don't want". Maybe a mix of both eh?
Still pray she'll sleep well and not have bad dreams.

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