Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sticking thing up her nose

Yesterday I came home late after ladies sharing and BS, but i still got to listen to my mil recount the day's dramatic events.

Well, after lunch while my mil was eating lunch in the kitchen and Eliza was playing her toys in the living room. Eliza came running to her saying "I can't breathe" (I'm surprised she even said that phrase!) of course this made my mil anxious and she eventually found out that the candle tip from her cake toy came off and Eliza curiously stuck it in her nostril!

So my MIL and SIL tried to help her get it out. The tweezers were too big, and even asking her to blow her nose didn't help. Eventually they found an ear-digger stick and slowly shifted it out. All the while Eliza calmly let them get the little red plastic candle tip out of her nostril. And with a little help from Eliza to blow her nose, it finally came out.

Later on my MIL chided her and reminded her that she should never ever stick small things in her nose or ear or mouth.
In response to all that, Eliza replied, "I put in my eye" -__-

Great, my little one is getting cheekier with her words.

( oh and this is not the first time Eliza has stuck something small in. The last time she stuck a soya bean and a green bean in her ear. The green bean came out quit easily, but not the soya bean. I can't remember what my FIL did to get it out)

Anyway, My MIL concluded that Eliza's just too cheeky and too giak xiao. My sil said nothing like this happened to her 3 sons either. Oh well, that's Eliza for you! She surprises us always. :) BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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Ms Long said...

eliza's got company. kaira stuck bread into her nose before. thank God for me, it came out after a few hard nose blowing!! i hope they don't do such things anymore in future!! the thought of it happening again causes me to *shudder*