Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Zoo trip!

I would love to bring Eliza to the zoo again. This trip with her school was really quite fun as her friends and teachers were there.

I kinda just recovered from my 1st trimester nausea & exhaustion so i'm really thankful that I'm able to bring her there with good enough energy. Of course she was excited :)

I kinda realized after a while that she wanted to see monkeys! She was completely uninterested with the white tigers. No wonder she was doing so much monkey 'oo oo's prior to the zoo trip.

We went to watch the dog and cat show which was interesting but i would prefer the larger animal shows though. We had a photo taking session before the show with all the kids lined up..

After so many photos of her, we just gotta take one together ya

She was quite game to go stroke the dogs....while other kids went gaga over the bubbles further behind this photo. She did too...later on.

After the show was lunch and free time which she obviously took the opportunity to head off to the waters.

After drying up and changing into dry clothes we went to check out the farm animals. She was quite excited to see these kids...saying hello to them and talking to them.

A photo with the horse

I tell you this is the first time she sat on the moving car without jumping off...her friend Ariana rallied her to join in the car and i guess she also didn't want to get off. She was holding on to my hand at the steering wheel quite tightly initially.

Had a photo taking session with some of her classmates and this is the Marcus i often hear her talk about. See lah...she has to hold his hand just like how she does with her cousins. Later on i learnt from her teacher Nur that he being quite mature for his age has kinda taken care of her at school like a big brother, which i guess that's why Eliza talks about him so much.

That's her other friend Ariana i heard of before...she's quite vocal & sociable and i always hear her calling Eliza.

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