Monday, February 28, 2011

last last weekend

It was a busy weekend. Last last weekend.

After that busy morning at the playground and library, we went to Esplanade with my inlaws and their parents or so Eliza's tai-po. To catch a glimpse of the water show at MBS.

This lil excited girl.

We were quite early and the concerts that were usually indoors and at the outdoor amphitheater has yet to start. She was quite eager to listen to the concerts as it has been quite a while since we have been to one. Really gotta go botanic gardens again for another outdoor concert soon. Anyway the indoor mini-concert was a little too loud and she was quite put off by it so we went out to check out the one outdoors. Alas, it was too alternative...those tunes were just too odd and scary for her appreciation. She refused to go any nearer to the music and we had to make a detour to get to my in-laws who were further down. Some ice-cream did help. And we did sit down at a place far enough from the disturbing music but when she heard me talking about it to my in-laws again, she insisted on getting further away from it as we could still hear it. Gee.
By then the water and light show has started and we did manage to walk to the furthest end where the floating stage is to watch. Thank goodness the music from the water and light show, although quite far away, was soothing and enjoyable for her. It was a song from a "What a wonderful world" that she's familiar with.
So i guess we know what kind of music Eliza likes now.

Sunday was to celebrate Eliza's cousin Augustine's birthday. We literally gorged ourselves silly on ice-cream at Swensons. There was the earthquake, a complimentary firehouse, hotplate banana custard ice-cream, and an ice-cream cake. It's insane. It believe they were all on sugar high after that. Eliza ate half of the sugar figurine from the cake. ewww...

They had a great time though...eating and running like mad at the airport.

Cute Xuanxuan watching her brothers eat fries which she's not allowed too. :)

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