Monday, February 21, 2011

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My cooking with Eliza. We had spaghetti which she loved (without the sauce), + broccoli & fish cake on the side + pepper lemon baked fish (for me only cos she doesn't eat fish like this) + our leftover wedges which she didn't like cos it was getting too hard.

Next day we made pizza for dinner. Love the ease of making pizza from pita bread. It lasted us two meals and some for my mum's supper.
It was the same spaghetti sauce for the base, leftover bacon from my roasted potato the day before, sausages my mum bought from cold storage and canned pineapple. Though it probably cost about $2.99 for shredded cheese (from Cold storage..that's the cheapest i can find), $1 for bacon, < $1 for pineapples which i still have half left over, $3+ for the 5 pita breads & $3+ for the Bratwurst sausage (that was quite big). That probably works out to $11 for 2.5 meals? Hmm...not the cheapest for a homemade meal though. Think i'll venture to using other ingredients next time too. :)

Spot the pizza with a face? That was our first batch. Though i realized that there's not enough ingredients for a face-pizza to be enjoyed so i added more later on. I love it with a lot of pineapples :) Eliza joined in to enjoy the pineapples which was quite delighted cos she always picks it out when we do eat Hawaiian pizzas.

Making it helps her enjoy it.

With no one at home in the evening and i need to take my evening showers, this is what i usually do actually. I leave her with her favourite BabyTV, which is about the most tv she watches, especially if we are out all day or at my mil's place. Sometimes with her drinking her before-bedtime-milk.
Actually why we're generally afraid is mainly cos my mum's place on the 7th storey has no grills *~shudder~*, so we are quite afraid that she'll climb up a chair to look out if there was some noise that attracted her or something. As much as we can, my mum's policy is to never place furniture that can be climbed on near windows. So far, she has no propensity to climb and look out, thankfully.
Still i bathe really fast and generally she's still at the same place i left her at, else she'll actually come and look for me in the bathroom and wait for me to finish bathing.

Her school has been giving out homework every fridays to be completed over the weekend. Actually the first week, it wasn't that easy to get her to finish. Especially that she'll do it halfway and hop off to do something else!
But i think it has gotten better over the weeks, also probably because they do writing in school which she enjoys too. So i have gotten activity books for her to do. I love the Kumon pre-school series and this Sticker and Paste one from Popular. It has been a week and she has finished 34 of 40 pages already! :O is really easy to do...the first handful of pages were just pasting stickers. Later pages were more like pieces i will cut for her to paste, and puzzles to paste etc.
This book isn't cheap!! especially if you think about buying all the rest of the series which includes colouring, cutting, folding. Quite good and fun practice skills for little ones like her. Anyway i have found cheaper options on the forum selling for $8 for this pre-school series...and erm...some online that i can print instead. It's the colours and illustrations that's really pretty!! So i'm thinking of cutting them up and using them for other learning stuff.

Here she is applying glue. She has improved much with her use of the glue since a few months back, when she literally smeared and depleted the glue stick in one or two sitting.

We all need some outdoor play don't we? Anyway the LUP thingy at my estate has just destroyed all green spaces and playgrounds so there isn't much places to stroll. So on saturday we went to the nice big park & playgrounds at St.21. There were very nice gardens where the residents grew fruit trees like lime & papaya & banana trees which i love pointing out to Eliza and there were 3 playgrounds to choose from!
Somehow, she isn't too keen when she sees too many kids (even if it's 2!) at the playgrounds and would rather explore other places. Still it isn't too crowded on a saturday morning at about 930am which is great.
Not sure if you can spot her here...

She was hungry after all that play so we had to walk quite a distance to the mamashop. Saw this cute pair of granite monkeys (the other not pictured here), holding a polished granite piece. It's so cute cos the monkeys were frowning! So is Eliza here...:P

After that it was a one or two bus stops down to the library where she borrowed 4 books in 5 mins and declared that she was done and ready to go. (what? when i haven't even browsed anything much!) She still did wait for me anyway, till i browsed some of the paperback children's books and my parenting books.
They brought Singa lion to the library! hoho

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