Saturday, February 19, 2011


I have been taking a lot of photos lately so that i can send it to Ww and it's really quite easy taking from the iphone and just sending it via whatsapp. Just that Ww's silly super old iphone self drains like mad cos it keeps turning itself on, so most of those photos are limited to home ones unless i'm out for a while. So we have been exchanging photos here and there and it's great :) It's how we have been communicating so far, chatting on whatsapp, and if Ww's parents are around we'll use the skype voice. Only we don't chat after Eliza sleeps cos it's like 1am for him in Canberra. So most of the time it's during her afternoon nap and the morning school time.

So some photos....Eliza doesn't seem to miss daddy now...she retorts that she doesn't miss him cos he's not around...her logic.

We play Legos...this is her photoframe or camera per se...

She and her drawing...she's into drawing 'monsters' or whatever creature. She drew something that she called a dolphin though i thought it looked more like a whale.

The first time she wore her school sports attire...not that they'll go out for P.E., sadly. nevertheless she was happy to wear it. This is how she poses nowadays

I had to practice cooking...somehow!! Can't depend on my mil's cooking and this little girl doesn't like it all the time either. So i made roasted potatoes with broccoli & fish cake

She's mad over doing the Kumon sticker and paste activity and in 4-5 days she has done 32 pages. After all how difficult is it to paste stickers??? She just cannot stop. geez.
This particular activity we were supposed to stick the flower stickers, but she wanted to colour it instead...and sticker the flowers elsewhere.

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