Monday, April 11, 2011

Pregnancy so far

I'm in my 35th week of my pregnancy and enjoying the bliss of resting and not doing much. The not doing much part is that i'm really thankful i don't have to go to work. The thought of travelling 1hr to work and 1hr back everyday gives me shudders, especially when at this stage, i have found exhaustion to set in. Yesterday, i was so tired all day i wanted to sleep my day away. I am thankful that Eliza took her afternoon nap as usual and that she has been happily herself. She generally played on her own and was quite busy pasting her new stickers, colouring on the papers and making 'presents' for me. :)
Coupled with my exhaustion is that I find myself falling sick. I probably caught Eliza's flu/cold/cough, whatever you call it. So i have quite a phelgmy cough which is worse in the morning.

It's also time to take down Emily's clothes to be washed and to do some sorting.

Plus i haven't quite figured where Emily will sleep in the 1.5-2mths we are here. There's no space to open up the playpen and quite likely, we'll use the bassinet carrier that my uncle passed to us.
When we're in Canberra, quite likely Eliza will have her own room and Emily will be rooming with us. I'm not sure if that poses any problems, especially since Eliza has been sleeping with us since young. We haven't been able to have another room for her even in our old place cos my SIL stayed in the room meant for Eliza..and now there's no space at my mum's place. At least she has been sleeping on her bed though..and not c0-sleeping with us. I could not stand her kungfu sleeping positions and insisted she stays her own bed/cot all night, except in the mornings when we snooze.

My thoughts are currently jumbled up for i'm not thinking much, just doing the day to day stuff. There are reads on education that i would want to ponder upon but it seems like the impending delivery and baby care will occupy me for the next few months. Not to mention my worry on how i will handle it, and how we'll manage it...eventually on our own and how Eliza will take to her baby sister.

God help me through this all, just as many mums have braved it ahead.

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