Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Week 1 - home sweet home

Coming home is exciting...just because.

Actually, it's scary will we handle Eliza with Emily? How will Eliza react to her?
Thankfully, Eliza was really a super duper wonderful jiejie...she was so excited to give her present she made of Emily and set to do it immediately after she after school. Thankfully too, Emily has been super sleepy when she came back. So other than her usual milk time, she has been just sleeping away. (Photo: There's Emily fresh from the hospital and all wrapped up)

The nights after Emily came home with us was like day for Emily. She was awake most of the early morning! So was I. :S Thankfully, I had enough rest and has shed the pregnancy tiredness and survived the first sleepless night home. Actually, the sleepless nights lasted another 3 days, or at least till we had to send Emily back to hospital for at least 24 hours for phototherapy cos her jaundice level was too high at 263 instead of the normal range of 100-180. THAT was when i really had a good rest that night despite having to express milk somewhere in the early morning.

With regards to confinement food, my mum cooked for me on weekends and my mil cooked for me during the weekdays. I'm not particular about the food as long as there is food to eat. :)

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