Thursday, May 12, 2011

Week 3

It's the growth spurt week!

That explains why Emily can wake up at 2hr intervals rooting for milk. At least this time we know what it is. When it was Eliza's growth spurt week, we struggled wondering why she kept wanting to drink milk.

The lack of sleep is getting to me...*yawnz*. I was super duper sleepy last night, though thank God Emily wasn't up partying. She drank and she slept. Although she woke at least twice, at 1+am & 4+am. the second round i dozed off while she was drinking milk and the next thing i realized when i woke up was that the milk bottle was on the bed and Emily was sleeping in my arms. This morning at about 630am, i went to snuggle with milk-drinking Eliza and slept again, fed Emily, said bye to school-going Eliza, ate bfast and slept again. Let's pray Emily keeps the sleeping at night going on, I don't think i can keep awake for any baby-partying!

This is also the week we collect the kids passports and apply for visa. Finally! This has taken us 2 weeks..gosh i wondered how rushed it would be if Emily arrived much later. Partly also cos it took me 1 week to somewhat get used to Emily, with her going back to the hospital for phototherapy, and the difficult of taking a passport photo of Emily, a newborn's eyes are always closed!

We are also dealing with Eliza not expecting me to be with her all the time when she is sleeping. For 2 nights, she has been waking up to cry for me, expecting me to be beside her when she wakes up. This will be the prelude to her sleeping in her own room when we go Australia. Still it is a bit hard on her and us. Some reward helps, so last night she made it through well without crying and got 2 star stickers + 2 gummies.

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