Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 2 - phototherapy and getting the hang of things

One week after Emily's arrival, we had a 1st week review with the PD. She was losing weight! :O frm her birth weight of 2.755 to 2.6+ when we left the hospital and to 2.5+ a week later. Then i was just direct latching her only and we were struggling cos she wasn't latching well at all. I have on the 4-5th day started to express milk to increase supply.
Anyway, she had to do a blood test for her jaundice level which came back to be 263 (the normal range is at 100-180). So on that day we had to bring her to the hospital for phototherapy. So goes all the packing and getting ready to go out (in the pouring rain!).  I guess my bigger concern wasn't that i wanted her to have EBM and not formula so i even considered going there at night to deliver the milk. :S Later, tiredness got over me and i decided not to anyway.I have the option to stay over with her but with Eliza at home and me wanting a good night sleep, i didn't. After all i knew she'll be well taken care of there. I did go down early the next morning to feed her and actually by mid-day she could be discharged already :) Not too bad just that it cost us $550+ of which $450 is claimable by medisave.

This week was also the week to get the hang of things, the routines of feeding Emily (which is not like a routine at all...more like demand feeding!). Actually, it's the routine of our eating times, my mil coming over, Eliza coming home frm sch and having her lunch and naps, expressing milk, bathing baby etc.

I have officially broke most confinement rules. I bathed on the 3rd day. (how can you tolderate itchy hair!) It was a really humid & hot week that had me drenched in perspiration everytime i bathed Emily cos the windows are closed and the fan is turned off. I have also eaten the super yummy Goodwood park durian puffs which are frozen (not supposed to eat cold food during confinement). I've enjoyed cookies and good food that my mum buys back. I don't bother to wear slippers or long sleeves or long pants. I wash my hands and bottles and crockery all the time. I bathed Eliza. Oh well...don't other people around the world do similar stuff?
I have been good too..cos i drink all my red dates drink (and lots of water cos that drink wasn't enough for my fluid intake). I've enjoyed all the delicious confinement food. I have not really gone out unless necessary (ie make passport/visa, bring Emily to the doc etc)

Photo: Our two "E"s having their dinner :)

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