Monday, May 23, 2011

Week 4

Seems like this week is getting better in a way that I'm getting the hang of Emily's wake, sleep, feed times. She still does her 2hr milk drinking at some point in the day but the nights have been kinda better. I have started to fully latch her to BF at night so i fall asleep while she drinks and then i fall asleep burping her (oops) in a way she falls asleep in my arms and with me in bed. Previously i have been bottle feeding her EBM so by the time i get woken by her, i still need time to warm up the milk and after which to express the milk. So...if she doesn't fall asleep after that, i'm stuck. So i have been having a decent night sleep despite going off to sleep at about 12mn and starting my day about 6-7am. This means she wakes up about 3am for the night feed. Hopefully she'll start to stretch her nights and i can have a better night sleep.

God's idea of breastfeeding is so ingenious. :P

In the day i feed her by bottle i do have to spend time expressing milk. I really wonder how can i manage that when i'm on my own :S At least Emily's fine with latching on these is still a struggle with me somewhat having to 'force' her cos she'll be so flustered her hands are pushing me away and she's always pulling away.

Eliza the big sister
Eliza's been a great sport while i express milk and deal with baby stuff. Sometimes she'll want to sit in the room with me and watch Sesame street videos. She doesn't know what to do with Emily when Emily cries and will tell Emily "It's ok. Jiejie is here...It's ok!" Awww... Or she'll make things and give to Emily or say that Emily cries because she wants this or that. I miss her loads though...cos on weekends my Ww and my in-laws will bring her out or she'll sleep over at my in-laws place. And like today, my mil sent her to and from school, brought her out and bought stuffs for her, till Eliza refused to stay home with us and wanted to stay over at my mil's place. :S She did go in the end though i told her she'll still need to stay home the rest of the weekdays.

Getting ready to move
Starting to prepare for Ww's departure...:( Gonna miss him and the extra pair of hands to do stuff around the house for next 30 days. But we'll need that time away to get the house in Canberra ready and pack. Our visa applications are still processing and it is slightly delayed cos my blood tests came back slightly higher for one of the Hep B markers Fetaprotein (the normal range is <16 and mine came up to be 34). It is worrying not only because it affects the visa application but that whether I am ok. I still want to be around for my girls! Anyway i went to do the ultrasound test today which went quite ok though the doctor will still need to review it first. Pray hard I'm ok...and that maybe the marker was high cos i was eating some chinese herbal stuff? This visa application with all the medical checkups has set us back about $1.1k. super ex. The fact that if we had done it with Ww then, we wouldn't have to pay that extra $700+.

Cloth diapers
We have ventured into cloth diapers cos I read about it in YoungHouseLove about their cloth diaper experience. They make it so much easier to understand cos everytime i run into a cloth diaper web page I just don't quite fully understand how it is in a life of a family using cloth diaper. The main purpose is to save money while we are there...(although it has many other more benefits). I got those from BumGenius from a Singapore wholesaler who's having a buy 5 get 1 free promo. Which makes each diaper with 2 inserts $28.33. Actually i got only 6 pieces cos I wasn't sure if i would take to it. At most I can buy another 6 before 31st may when the offer ends. The best part is they sent it right to my door. i loOVE the colours and so far the only thing that give me jitters is not so much spraying the poop off the diaper (actually it is quite satisfying to get rid of it), but the washing part. Which detergent to use? What wash? pre-wash cold, wash hot, extra rinse. soo..many steps..and the best part is my mil in all good intentions went to soak it in the Kodomo detergent and possibly scrubbed the yellow poop stain away. It is quite unbelievable that machine washing it will remove the stain. I'll have to try it the next round. So far so has leaked last night cos i just left it on so long and didn't put an extra layer.

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