Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Cloth diapers progress

So i did the 2nd wash today! So far the stains got off! without me having to scrub them! yays! Well except for one which has a slight yellowish tinge..which i would have guessed was due to me washing it in hot water. (i couldn't help it, it was such a blazing hot day that the water that came out of the tap was hot!) Yes so the thing is the cold water is the part that removes the stains, hot water kinda fixates the stains and the purpose of hot water is actually to sanitize the clothing. Then the extra rinse is to get rid of extra detergent as build up of detergent is the cause of smelly nappies. And sun oh wonderful sun actually is the other stain remover. Too bad today was a cloudy & rainy day else it'll be great to blaze the nappies in the sun!  we're likely to get our next 6 cloth diapers before the offer ends. So far so good...i've used 3 disposables in between the wash :) My one problem is that while baby can wear onesies over cloth diapers, i still find it quite puffy and if the onesies is tight like what she is wearing now, it's hard to button up.

Photos soon :)

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Tat said...

I agree, the onesies don't go well over cloth nappies. Good luck with your cloth nappying journey!