Thursday, May 26, 2011

In between

I am coming to the end of my confinement.

That means Ww is leaving for Canberra soon. He has packed 2 half boxes of books and that's all he is going to ship over..the rest of the boxes are for me to pack. And i can't do that until at least 2 weeks before we fly and also the confirmation of our visas. The thought of packing is messy in my head: what to bring, what not to bring, what to bring later....argh. I want to pack now yet i can't do so.

This also means that I'm starting to learn to handle baby & Eliza on my own...without Ww's help. I mean one kid to one adult, that's easy. But i have yet to try out 1 baby & 1 kid to 1 adult. I just needed that courage to do so. And the push is when Ww is really not around to help me, especially in the nights. Eliza has been relatively helpful so far and one of the concerns is really the nights. We'll find out our rhythm somehow. Just like how i relished sleeping with Eliza, when Emily came along i anticipated that i'll be in the baby room most of the time at night, not wanting to disturb her & Ww while they slept. So we dealt with that, that Eliza doesn't come crying (or more like wailing) for me in the middle of the night when she finds that i'm not there. After 2-3 days and the reward of 2 stars & 2 gummies, she did it! And the reward thing only lasted 2 days also. After that she didn't need it anymore. So...i'll figure handling baby at night together with Eliza in the room OR have her sleep on her own which is what we'll be working towards.

Anyway tonight Eliza has gone over to my in-laws place to stay over cos Ww is out meeting his friends for dinner. I, missing Eliza, did want her to stay home instead at the last minute which she somewhat wanted too (probably cos i was playing silly running around games with her), just that we have prepared my in-laws and i guess i didn't want to change stuff too much.

On Emily
I'm starting to follow Gina Ford's routines for the past 2 days, with some mixed success. The split feed is confusing for me cos Emily can't last half a feed for an hour...she need it soon! BUT with the split feed, she really does sleep longer, possibly cos she feels fuller...and is sleeping on her tummy. So while the night time has a split feed at 10pm & 11pm, and she's supposed to last till 2.30-3am, she has woken up earlier at 2am and then at 5am for a feed. So we're still at 2 night feeds.
The good thing is that i somehow can catch the hang of getting her to sleep. Some cuddling and rocking in the beginning to get her drowsy and then putting her on her bed to doze off. Occasionally she can doze off on her bed on her own but there are times when she really needs some TLC before being able to enter lalaland. And sleep she does...she sleeps a lot which is good. The last thing i want though, is for her to wake up at the 2am feed to play. :O

On bringing the kids out
I'm stuck. Cos i have no stroller to put Emily in and I will only get my Beco & Sarong from my friend on Saturday. While i did think that i will get a stroller when we arrive in Canberra, I realized that we'll still need it while in SG! agh! So now i'm looking for a 2nd hand one which can accommodate an infant. Gotta discuss with Ww when he comes back later...

On breastfeeding
While during my initial weeks i have been expressing milk, I have come to find it really a hassle and that it's not something i can do easily when i need to travel and have another kid in tow. Essentially it is the time taken to express milk! Sometimes I just don't want to waste time doing that! For now, i just need to practice latching her on well, even on the move. Her latching has improved even though we do struggle a good few minutes sometimes.
Few days ago, i have started to latch her on during the nights and that has helped me sleep more (and tire her out latching on, i think). Less crying too cos we don't need to wait for the milk to warm up, just wait for me to get ready. And when she's drinking, i fall asleep. No need to wake to express milk, wash the bottles and worry that she's not asleep yet. I'm starting to latch her during 2 more day feeds and woohoo...somehow, i feel a little less busy. (except that she can take as long as 20+20mins for each feed)

There's always the firsts...last time was the first time bringing baby Eliza out, going out for longer periods etc. Now it's breastfeeding on the go, bringing Eliza and Emily out, taking care of them on my own, cooking(!!!)...etc.  I'm apprehensive but we'll just try and go along with the flow and get better at it.

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