Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blocked duct

This never happened to me the first time round. Actually yesterday I breastfed Emily at 9pm+ and bottle fed at 10+pm to settle her to sleep as she was up all evening. (overtiredness surely). So after drinking so much she was nice and full and slept all the way till 4am. That is almost 7 hours that I haven't 'released' milk. That made my left breast have a blocked duct that hurt badly and massaging it in hope to unblock it didn't help. So it hurt the whole day. It doesn't help that I felt achey and tired which I thought was a lack of sleep. Actually after taking a panadol just now (that's like after a whole day) did I feel a LOT better. I also found that I was having a 38.0deg fever. Doesn't help that I was having a bad throbbing headache that made me grouchy to Eliza during bedtime.

I'm much better now though I don't think the milk duct has unblocked completely yet.

Managed to wake sleepy Emily (cos she was overtired almost half the day) for milk and her help to clear the block. Fed her the second top up feed (as per gina ford routine) in the dark room, swaddled her tight tight and let her drift off to sleep. Thank God she did! Phew!

Gotta set alarm for 3.30 lest emily oversleeps (which isn't all a bad thing actually)

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