Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Week 6

Emily is 6 weeks old! What an eventful 6 weeks! And 22 days to leaving Singapore.

On Emily
She sleeps in our arms. Loves it. And when we put her down it's like she got an alarm that wakes her up and we gotta carry her again. Else...she cries so loud our ear hurts. I didn't remember Eliza to cry THAT loud!
The past few days has been slightly better in that she doesn't cry so much when I bathe her. At least I try to find a good time to do so! She smiles a lot more when we play with her. Nevertheless, these times are short, before she is sleepy and gets cranky.
Most of the times she doesn't leave our arms and I am super duper out of the world glad when she sleeps in her bed so I can quickly do the chores or some serious packing! Else, I'm doing what I can to read to Eliza, talk to Eliza, even have lunch with Eliza, eat my bfast, drink something with her in my arms. If I had nothing much to do I wouldn't have minded but there's lots to do and I hope 22 days is sufficient for packing!
That said, she sleeps well at night, maybe it's my smell or she knows tt when I bring her to our room it's bedtime? Plus i latch her then and she's right beside me.
God bless this lil girl. We're slowly discovering what she is like!

On Eliza
She has been so sweet although there are times when she wanted me to put Emily down cos she wanted to play cars with me. Or at one point she did say she didn't want Emily. That's rare cos most of the time she'll give Emily things. And today she said daddy will scold ah-ma cos ah-ma said should throw Emily cos she's naughty. (u know how the older generation like to say tt they sell u to the garang guni man etc?)

Eliza has also improved in her self-feeding. Hugz!

God grant me the strength to get through all these. To love both my girls in a god honouring way. To pack our stuff wisely. To be patient with my newborn who needs us to hold her a lot despite us needing to get much done and spend time with her sister. God grant me rest when I sleep and enough milk for Emily. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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