Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Touch down

It's just end of day 2. I'm exhausted by the many things to be done and somehow not doing much cos I'm carrying Emily all the time. Thankfully these's Weiwen and my mil to do all the other things.

Ww has done a great job in getting the house ready in like 2-3 days. So much to do. The furnitures, matresses, the fridge, washer, kitchen stuff, microwave, dining table, sofa...the list is never-ending. He only got the keys on Tuesday n we arrived on Friday early morning. He also had to drive 3hrs to Sydney to pick us up at the airport at 5am and drive that 3hrs back.

Really thank God for His grace as He showers His blessings by providing a house before we arrived. Even though it is so close to our arrival date. And thank God Ww's car is big enough to squeeze in all our luggage, with one of the luggage behind the front passenger seat. And Eliza sitting behind. Eliza slept most of the journey in the car and so did Emily, thankfully.

The airplane flight wasn't that fun with Emily refusing to sleep without me walking her up and down the aisle. Eliza fell asleep after her milk. And really I wouldn't have been able to manage without my mil's help, mainly because Emily demanded so much of our attention. Emily eventually did sleep and she was so knocked out I couldn't wake her up to nurse as the plane descended. She continued to sleep so soundly when we cleared customs n picked up luggage.

Anyway, I'm still adjusting. And falling sick, I'm not sure due to the lack of sleep, tiredness from carrying Emily all the time (including slinging her when we go out), the cold and dryness, the donut I ate...having a sore throat now thar hurts everytime i swallow.

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