Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What to do

Yes! What to do on the days that Ww goes to school to work? His timing is flexible but generally a 8am-530pm schedule, unless he has work. He car pools with his friend who stays in Queanbeyan so I also gotta try to sync our going out in the afternoon time with him and the weather!
We are hoping to go out tmr but the weather threatens to rain. So hopefully the sun comes out and theres's no wind cos we're gonna walk 20+mins to the city centre...and depend on Ww to drive us home. :)

So on days like today with no outdoor activity, we did some craft making a rabbit out of the toilet roll, read one book, did some drawing with Eliza improvising on her cutting to make a boat for her rabbits. Else she is playing with the iPod touch and I'm downloading some new games for her ("spell some games for me" she'd say). My mil cooked today and I was mostly carrying Emily while playing with Eliza. We try to put her down once in a while but she usually wakes up in seconds. At one point she slept 6 mins on the sofa. Which was good cos it gave me some ball playing with Eliza. I slinged Emily in The aftnn so that she can sleep and my hands will be free to do some things where we ended up looking at photos n videos.

I have more to get used to. The days when we are stuck at home and ensuring that there's food for lunch and dinner. Even if it is frozen food to heat up.

Our 10 boxes of things aren't here yet and we'll be quite busy when it is. And I will also remember what i have packed!

Looking forward to the weekend markets to go to There's a Baby and kids market in Aug! Yay! Cheap shopping for me.
Looking forward for sprig and summer to be here. Spring will bring on the beautiful Floriade which have seen in photos and hopefully the weather is better so we can go to the nature parks.
Looking forward for emily to grow up so that hopefully it will be easier(?). There are times when I do feel that comig over with just one kid is easier but we had wanted Emily so much and we love her despite the usual baby issues (sleep issues for me!). The age old problem of dividing my time between the two of them. Sometimes Eliza will ask me to put Emily down so I can play with her. And I have felt that I have grown less patient with Eliza and less appreciative of her because of the stress of handling both of them when Ww was not around for a month. Trying to scold her less and be more understanding of her. BlogBooster-The most productive way for mobile blogging. BlogBooster is a multi-service blog editor for iPhone, Android, WebOs and your desktop

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