Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday record

Weather: rainy so it was cold. Colder weather this week after fantastic warm weather last week.

Morning: woke at 730am cos Emily was up at 520am for milk n took a while to sleep after that. I woke up to find myself still carryig her upright as her head on my shoulder. And Ww still asleep!
Did some tracing and cutting activities with Eliza and read a story with her while Emily took her short 15 min nap in the rocker.

Lunch: oyster sauce bok choy, abc soup frm last week (it was frozen), butter chicken frm last week.
Eliza was watching Playschool DVD on e computer borrowed from the library

Afternoon: me trying to get Emily to sleep. The schedule is all haywire when I let her oversleep. Tried to get Emily to sleep on her cot, which after the fifth attempt she finally slept a good half hour. Else I'm back in the room attending to her cries in 2mins from the time I left the room with her asleep.

Eliza was creating all sorts of stuff with her Lego and was later watching Sesame street before going to bathe.

Ww went to do a pick up of toys from Theodore via freecycle which was sort of a let down. But we had a few toy animals, balls, an empty doll house, some books.
Emily was at her usual feeding earlier but kinda took till now, 845pm to zz...from 615! Grr. Actually she slept by 7pm but kept waking up to burp or complain. Sometimes I dunno if she is still hungry but is so tired she falls asleep drinking. Gee..gonna fall into the trap of nursing her to sleep. So I'm expecting her next feed at around late 11pm before I sleep. Bottle feeding her at that time is the only way she'll sleep a longer stretch, so much for not expressing milk. I still do twice a day (in the morning to 'drain' the excess and at night b4 I sleep)

But love the quiet evenings, especially when Eliza sleeps early. My mil will be playing angry bird (it's a daily entertainment especially when we don't have tv). It's also the time Ww and I get to talk, do our stuff, do the misc household stuff etc.

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