Thursday, September 1, 2011

2 months on


Made sweet and sour chicken and stir-fry veg (broccoli, cauliflower, baby corn & carrots). Eliza declared she liked all (except the broccoli) so she ate really fast.
Still trying to figure out the best time to cook...some stuff are good to cook at night but i prefer cooking before we eat. And with Emily's naps to consider oh well we'll go with the flow... Today i tried frying the chicken before Ww left...phews..emily had to scream for milk. (didn't she drink like 1.5 hrs ago?)
We have found a nice balance to having Eliza eat cooperatively. She watches her dvds and eats. Not the most perfect scenerio but oh it works for us. She is happy watching and complaints, no rolling around on the chair, no us nagging her...though she can't sit on her chair either...but that's mil says her butt has needles..can't sit still.

Eliza is sleeping on her own in her room. It is better since my mil left cos she's not scratching as much. weird how my mil's presence seemed to encourage the scratching. But we have her crying when she wakes up in the middle of the night but as long as she doesn't call us we don't quite go to her. After 2 weeks she's doing better, though not perfect. She also falls asleep faster..partially cos she doesn't nap if we don't go out or that...hmm i dunno.
Emily seem to improve on her length of her naps...else her 15min nap was driving me nuts with her having to sleep in 2hrs b4 she gets overtired and give me more problems. We also have whispering time (with Eliza when Emily naps) so that Emily doesn't startle awake. Eliza has been really cooperative. sweet jiejie. These few nights though, Emily hasn't been able to settle well to sleep...or more like taking longer to settle to sleep. I'm wondering if it is cos i was stretching her bedtime later or she's teething(?) or what??? I have been getting her to sleep frm 6pm, with a feed (a looong one cos that's the time she's the least distracted) and then 1/2hr to settle. On good nights she sleeps till 3+am and then 6+am...on some nights she'll wake at 1+am which means she'll wake again 3hrs later and not sleep(!!) last night. yawnsz. Oddly she hasn't been up for her 'dream feed' and if she isn't, i don't quite want to wake her even though i warm her milk in a bottle before i go to sleep...she hasn't been drinking it. I'm suspecting that she's not enjoying drinking from the bottle. :S just like how she doesn't take to the pacifier.

I have spots in the house to pack and sort...still not done...wardrobe in a mess generally (my version of mess = not sorted out yet)

I love grocery shopping :P

I love how the cherry blossoms are everywhere

Weekends are for going out too...with Ww, exploring the lake side places, some markets, etc. Sat a kids train ride last week.

Went to a family cell group and enjoyed the company (me mostly with Emily though, cos she had to nap) and the food :) Our church has mainly chinese people from all over, Sg, Msia, PRC, TW...We wanted to go there cos when my inlaws are here they can attend the church too and go to the chinese service (cos the one we go to is an English-speaking service). Enjoy the sermons there though. :)

Eliza has been crazily cutting paper and creating interesting stuff from coins to buy things, made a dress, diapers for her Elmos & her...all from paper. She also creates her super interesting Lego cities and a movie theatre. That's her 'work'.

We have started on some number writing without the guides.
We have started on learning sounds of S, T, A, I, N, P. I think she's still getting the hang of the alphabets coming together to make a word.
We have been reading some chinese books, just to enjoy them.
We have been singing MORE songs & nursery rhymes

Has been rolly polly. :P
I hardly see her skin cos she's so wrapped. Recently I found super dry skin around her arms :( so gotta moisturize 3-4times a day and she has been much better.
She's the one who bathes the least often...cos she cries when i lower her to the bathtub, and cos she hardly really gets that dirty anyway. But i do wipe her down everyday in the evening or late afternoon.
Love her burst of smiles and mini dance when she opens her eyes and see me in the morning.
Love to hear her ee ee ehh ehh at me in a conversation only she knows.
Love to watch her watch Eliza play and her inquisitive eyes as she looks at things.

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