Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Eating or not

Loves it that u can make many food from simple ingredients in the pantry...if only Eliza eats most it and eats it fast.

I've been hooked on reading recipes and choosing those which I can cook, doesn't require too fancy equipments like blending (but I'm trying that out soon) and steaming (cos I don't have the equipment other than a microwave steamer). And also food that doesn't require fancy ingredients so I don't have to buy new things with my grocery budget starting to burst and it is only the mid month. I have been mystified by how my muffins never turn out right with this oven...

So far some 'adventurous' food I've tried is making bread and pizza base.
These which require rising has been tricky with Emily when she's awake and when I'm alone with the girls. I tried the bread when my mil is around and that worked quite well. The first time I tried the pizza base it was...so so. Last night I tried it again and it gave a nice soft base wooo! I tried avocado cream cheese dip which was tad too sour (I followed the recipe!) tried salsa, and sushi which eliza will eat with gusto. The fastest she can eat which is out of the normal.

I hate getting her to eat. We tried with the tv but at some point she would be so caught up watching that she would take 1.5hrs to eat!! I would find myself nagging at her or feeding her which i do not want. Ww's much more patient but on one night he also got quite upset at how long she took to eat....and when she did not finish, she said she's hungry and asked for snacks instead. So we switched back to eating at the table. She was eating at the table but that's another long story.

So the rule now is to eat at the table and no getting down from the chair till she finishes. And i also help by letting her choose a bit...as in letting her just have rice if all she wants is rice and not the rest of the veg/meat. Yesterday was rice and seaweed..and that WAS fast.

So far it has been good and i'm trying out more breakfast varities for her soon since she no longer has her powdered milk to drink. So her calcium intake will be through yoghurt, her chocolate milk and cheese. When she had her 'old' milk to drink, she'll be full enough such that she will juz graze the rest of the morning till lunch. Now she doesn't i've got to give her more for breakfast and a good healthy one too. It doesn't help that she's sloooow (and distracted) at eating other than sweets/chocolates/salty stuff.

We have always sparingly given her these stuff until....she started school and those food in party bags are all the junk food! potato chips, cheezels, sweets, chocolates, twisties...we'll always hide the forbidden 'foods' when we get home and give her some 'approved' ones. Of course we do let her indulge and that's as much. somehow she'll forget the rest that we have hidden.

So hello cooking! I have discovered the joys of experimenting...and choosing foods that Eliza will eat. Plus cooking at the right time! (like at night) or in the morning so i don't have to cook the rest of the day, or freeze foods. 

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