Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sleep and emily

Today we start sleep training.

Because I can't be carrying Emily to sleep OR rocking her at her rocker and standby there till she finally finishes her sleep (cos she sleeps like 10mins and will scream awake..of course there are times she does a cool 15-20min stretch, IF we don't make sudden noises)

Because she has been taking 3hrs to settle for the night! Which means I start her feed at 615pm and by the time she really falls asleep without waking up after 10mins is abt 9plus pm. It wasn't so bad before she had a cold and I also suspected she was teething. So did that extra carrying and TLC make her dependent on me to carry her to sleep...and continue carrying her as she slept. It is as if everytime I put her down on her cot to sleep it is like I placed her on an ice block and she will struggle to get out.

Because she hasn't been sleeping well or long enough in the day unless we Beco her when we are out. I had probably 5-6 times she EVER napped for 1hr on the rocker. But never in the cot.

Because I feel like a slave to her sleep.

Because I completely disappear in the evenings to settle Emily and don't get to do much evening stuff with Ww and Eliza, much less bedtimes for Eliza. It has happened a few times, I read a book to Eliza and Emily starts crying again..oh I should say scream? Even Eliza will know to tell Ww to go settle Emily while I finish reading the book to her.

Hello Because who takes 3hrs to get to sleep?!?!?! I don't respond to her immediately but then shouldn't she be sleeping when she has fallen asleep and not wake up at least like 30-40mins later NOT 10mins ltr??

Other than her lack of sleep and lack of being able to sleep, she has been quite perfect. Happy and chirpy.

and if this doesn't work out I'm almost gonna pay someone to help me.

I don't know any no cry solution cos the eventually still lead me to carrying her. We tried. Carry and pat her till she sleeps and hopefully a deep one and slowly put her down for fear of waking her up and she still does anyway. :( until at some point I do a final nursing and final rocking and putting her down and then she'll be sleeping relatively well for the rest of the night.

I'm followig Tizzie Hall method and praying this works out: that Emily will learn to self settle.
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