Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What Emily has been up to

Ohh..this little tiger rabbit...that's what my mil calls her. She roars! haha..Emily is loud alright, much louder than Eliza. I remember her crying when we bathed her in her first two months and make our ears ring from the intensity of the screams after that. That's one very distinctive difference from her sister.

The other is on how difficult to get her to sleep. Not that Eliza was that easy either but Emily's like 9/10 on how easy she sleeps scale (10 being the most difficult) and Eliza's on the 5/10. At least Eliza will doze off, like Eliza likes to hug me and lean her head on my shoulder or chest and fall asleep. Oh well, Emily being the second child doesn't get that much of a luxury cos i don't have as much time for her as i had with Eliza. But Emily will hardly do that..she'll rub her face on my chest more likely. Eliza has been accustomed to the stroller since young and she takes to it really well (even now!) i remember that she'll fall asleep as i stroll to Tampines Mall or back. Emily? Nah...she finally can happily sit on the stroller when we go for our short morning walk. It is an improvement. Previously, she was just looking for me. whops!

Other interesting stuff Emily has been up to:
- Being very interested in what goes on the computer, especially when Eliza watches any of her DVDs, Emily will head towards the computer and be very excited, very. haha. Especially when we facetime or skype with Ww, Emily will fight with Eliza for a space to see, as much as pull Eliza away so that she gets closer to the screen. It's really funny but i gotta protect Eliza from the 'harm' Emily will inflict on her too.
- She babbles to sleep, when she doesn't cry to sleep. She'll go ahhh, huuuuh, uhhhh, uuuuhh...
- She crawls all around the house. This is no time to be confined to the playmat anymore.
- She doesn't put certain things in her mouth. Things like my iphone, her cream, papers (ok that's still in the learning stage..she just can't resist that). Everytime she does so, i'll sternly tell her "no-no, not in your mouth" and move it aside or take it away. Till, she nowadays either got tired of the item or learn it(?).
- She loves Eliza, ahh-ing at her and looking at what Eliza does....or taking what Eliza is playing with (it happens the other way round also, just that Eliza will want the thing i give to Emily). So much so that she can call Eliza...chehcheh or 姐姐. yup..not the most exact pronunciation but she will see Eliza can call out  jiejie.
- She calls my mil "ah". calling 'ay'.
- She loves being tickled and will give a most hearty giggle.
- She loves sucking out the juice from watermelon, rock melon, pears, apples.
- If she eats something really sour, she'll give us a 'sour' face and give a 'shiver'. This must see on video..really super cute!
- She is probably allergic to raspberry or yoghurt. I tried to let her eat baby yoghurt on sunday and she didn't quite like it cos it was quite sour. After that when we were at church, her ears and feet were quite red and she was really cranky. It got better in the afternoon when she did an epic 2.5hr nap.
- She can fall asleep on her own, as in without me patting her or holding her to sleep. While it is not that often, it's a vast improvement from needing me to carry her to sleep and keep carrying her till she wakes. I learn how to put her to sleep and she learns how to sleep. she is persistent and so i need to learn not to create bad habits. Having kids really teach you the lesson about consistency! She still wakes up 1-3 times before 11plus when i go to sleep and her 11pm+ milk time. I remember that Eliza at that age also wakes up quite a bit in the hours before i sleep too, just that Eliza was not as fierce as Emily in terms of even though at times i would be frustrated, it wasn't as scary as Emily! haha.

A smaller stroller for Emily? 

Happy with swinging! It was the first time she's on the swing.

Looking really fierce on the stroller...actually more apprehensive.

Playdate :D 

Emily also finally sits on the trolley instead of being asleep during our grocery shopping. 

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