Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Day 25 of confinement

Eliza's day

mummy likes to put me on her lap to play cos she doesn't need to bend down like she has to do with the bouncy net

and oh dear i dunno why i always look so fat in this position. i hav mummy's sharp chin and whole lots of fats at my neck...keeps my neck warm :)

sometimes it's quite relaxing like this...and mummy watches tv while i look around the house

this is my favourite carrying position...sometimes to stare into space or to be burped or just to rest my head on your shoulder

It's Christmas i know....but i'm home and everyday feels the same till i'm losing track of time. i'm bored...though not bored of Eliza. She makes my day so different. Some days are good and she's on schedule, some days are not so good when she seems to keep wanting to drink milk (cos it's tiring and i wonder how come she's so hungry), and late evenings are usually fun tho challenging to get her to bed...so by e time she sleeps i'm like tired out i have to sleep too.

4 more days to 'freedom' out of my confinement..but it's ok. think it's a good time to rest, esp. with all the demands of baby...and my body needs to rest too. i have not had sleep that's more than 3 1/2 hours in one stretch since 25 days ago. i usually have one nap in the day. otherwise other times are to eat, bathe, do stuff like surf the net and blog, watch tv with Ww. (we couldn't finish watching Amazing race last night cos she was crying and wanted to be carried/fed)

plus Ww was saying i had better rest cos one early morning i suddenly had a bloody experience in the toilet (there was a sudden bout of lochia..it was a lot a lot) which scared the wits out of me, we almost went to the hospital but because the next day the lochia was much lesser and i wasn't having fever or whatever, we didn't in the end. but i spent that day resting & sleeping in bed most of the day. it's hard for me to stay in bed all day, i'll at least have to sit up, do something, help out in the house...and taking care of baby does have its share of aches and bending down.

Confinement rules...
- lots and lots of ginger in the food...i've gotten used to that le..plus my mil cooks delicious food so i enjoy my meals most of the time.
- no plain water...only longan red dates drink..i drink milo and milk too. (cos they say water will cause water retention..dunno how true but it's survivable so i'm fine)
- no bathing...except with the dafengcao...and shampoo/soap. and wipe down on days i don't bathe with that. it's tolerable...considering i don't go out of the house but i would prefer my good ol' warm shower anyday. hair feels itchy still. oh but i wash my face everyday!
- wear shoes in the house...cos the floor is cold. i can hardly remember to wear those home slippers...i'll always leave it all around the house wherever i stop. sometimes it's at the bathroom, or the living room, or under the table. i've given up wearing it already.
- minimal washing with cold water...this i couldn't be bothered. i wash my hands after every diaper change (you dunno what poop gets left over on yr fingers), i feel i need to help wash the dishes and milk bottles

Of flabs and fats
in my 1st week after delivery i weighted myself at my gynae's clinic (cos they have the electronic weighing machine..more accurate than my home one) and i was 58kg! aha...lost 8 kg frm then. i think i've lost about 2kg so far...so i have another 5kg to lose to get to my pre-pregnancy weight!
but i still look like 4-5months pregnant tho. my tummy is like a blobby flab still (imagine jelly! very blobby)...and i wonder how long will it take for it to become firmmer. i was using a firming lotion and tummy binder but since my lochia wasn't getting lesser i stopped using it for a while. i haven't tried my jeans yet...but i doubt i can still wear them :(

anyway i'm looking forward to this saturday, which is Eliza's first month celebration...i'm wondering what to dress her up in. plus we'll be bringing her to church for the 1st time on sunday and it's gonna be a challenge cos i really don't know what to expect. bringing milk out is quite a hassle with so many things to lug unless i know how to nurse her outside home..and whether she'll make a fuss or whatever. lets see if we can wake early enough to make it for the 1st service...(we gotta feed, bathe and change her by latest 815am to do so) oh..i have to learn how to use the sling too.

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