Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby sign language

I knew i wanted to teach Eliza sign language..just not sure when. This video from someone's blog which i subscribe to, posted this link and i'm really inspired! I guess i better start teaching now! Actually the only sign i've taught Eliza so far was sleep, quite like the one in the video.

I find myself being quite slack in keeping up with Eliza's reading and flashcards (if i have any!) i try to let her watch or i show her the "Teach you baby to read" dvd/book. my dvd player has been having problems lately...taking 1/2hr to check the harddisk (i just discovered) before i can watch the dvd.

mummy gotta be more disciplined le.....!

Days of Eliza...
In preparation for my 1st taste (ok so called 1st taste..i've tasted pear & orange already..tasted ) of cereal...mummy & ah-ma has been proping me up on my high chair for practice..and also so i can join in the big family table dinners, instead of being banished to the's fun..chewing on my toys..and flinging it away...hehehe

mummy gave me a taste of rice cereal today...hmm...i like the spooon! (mummy thinks i'm going for the spoon more than the cereal..cos i like to put anything and everything into my mouth)
not too drama...just that Eliza woke up hungry...and that's not the best time to start trying out new food...milk is still the best! i bought Bellamy 4+mths cereal and it sat there for 2 weeks before i had the time to try out.

Day 2 of rice cereal is a mess...sometimes Eliza blows it out cos i think she is still learning to swallow. let's see how it goes tmr!

yesterday i think i frustrated mummy by not wanting to sleep in the morning...i rather hang around my cot and check out the beautiful pictures...mummy caught me like this when she came to check on know..the cot is too small for me...

After lunch, mummy hung around with me and read the book Cuddle to me, till i decided i want to check it out on my own...hmm...i wonder how it tastes like?

then i got hiccups (i get it now and then..everyday or every 2 days) so mummy gave me water..this time it's from this cup that's really fun!!
[ day i'll post out the video...she doesn't want to let go of it!!)

mummy's trying to take a mugshot of me for my new passport...i look shocked here...mummy can you not use this photo??

Watching the "Teach you baby to read" dvd...'dancing' to the music

mummy discovered she lost my nice white hat..boohoo...but and in attempt to shield my botak head, she found this hat..but it's too small for my head! waaahaaah!! how do i look?

phews what a day! it's now time to go to zzzzz...

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Annette said... have you been? your baby has grown bigger already, more cute! why do u need to teach the baby sign language?