Wednesday, January 26, 2011


All kids love drawing don't they?

So far i'm thankful that Eliza doesn't draw on walls and floors, except when she accidently does it. Markers were the last drawing medium i introduced her to just because it stains and is hard to clean off. It has left marks on her clothes, the table and it can't be removed!!! argh!! That was an obscure marker that made me start buying the proper markers, from Crayola.

And at the turn of the year, at one session of colouring with Ww & me, she learnt to hold her pens much better. Actually it was with Ww's help...he has a great way of explaining things, especially to his lil daughter. Of course with a lot of fun and praise. After that she's the one telling us the right way to hold the pen.

After all that she was colouring like mad, and drawing things i haven't seen before...mostly faces and round people with eyes, nose, mouth, hair, hands, legs, and recently mustaches.

I think this is daddy, mummy & Eliza

Her usual painting sessions...this time she was able to draw more things and explore more...although eventually the last part is of course the hand printing part before she'll declare she's done and want to wash up.

This looks like some scary cartoon though

Some books i've gotten too early, meant for Eliza when she's older but it is discovered by Eliza..not sure if she could do it well and follow the instructions but she very quite cooperative.

The clean gal..she'll help to clean up the marks the marker makes on the floor. I'm not sure what she's drawing her though...

Now there's more writing to do, especially the homework she brings home every friday! homework for a 3year old? at least she has been quite game on doing it :)

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