Friday, January 28, 2011

Sick week

Ww and Eliza is sick. I not having the same thing as them but I'm watchful.

Anyway I wasn't sure whether it was because Eliza caught a cold playing water at Vivo or she caught ww's virus. Ww has been sneezing quite a lot and when that happens, it's a sign of his low resistance. Anyway we kept Eliza home on monday due to her runny nose, obviously much to her delight. and since she wasn't having fever we let her go to school the next few days. She kinda developed a phlegmy cough and today we kept her home again so we could bring her to the doc for more meds.
at least she wasn't lethargic from fever or anything like the last time she fell sick in dec. I still remember that we were registering for her school and ww took her back halfway to see doctor cos it was taking far too long. They finished before me and I had to rush home in a taxi because Eliza refused to go home wailing "I want mummy!".

Ww on the other hand had his sore throat develop into a voiceless one. Well after talking so much the day before...and maybe also exerting his throat while clearing all the mucus.

I've on the other hand have been spotting a bit since yesterday and then this morning. And it was also with a stomachache, those when you feel like you're gonna have diarrhea feeling but yet coagulating. How confusing! I don't think it was cramps. And it didn't help that I threw up my breakfast, how fav bread and ham bfast. Plus the day before I was talking to the cleaner lady who was talking about her miscarriage at 6 months. Scare me. :S.

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