Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cooking and eating

Today is the first day i start cooking for us (Eliza and me for now).

I've thought long and hard for something both of us will enjoy eating and that is not too much for a mummy & toddler. Of course with daddy around, the portion will be much more.

Lunch was roasted potatoes with bacon + steamed broccoli with fishball. No rice cos i thought we had enough of that the past 2 days at my mil's place (with my fav braised pork!). Eliza took to the roasted potates (which she saw it as fries) with tomato sauce...although the bacon roasted too long became too hard and she somehow wasn't too keen after 5-6 wedges. Still good progress, she had her good share of broccoli which she usually likes.

Dinner was the leftover roasted potatoes with spaghetti + broccoli & fishball and not so hard bacon + baked fish (which she obviously didn't eat but that was for me anyway). I heated up the tomato spaghetti sauce but didn't add to the spaghetti in case she didn't like. And the purist she is, she loved the plain spaghetti. No sauce added. Just like the way she loves plain rice. Though she also ate the fishball and broccoli and bacon on its own as well. It was great :) Maybe there was also no snacks after her nap & before dinner other than a few grapes. She wiped her plate clean. + almost a packet of chocolate milk. :O and much to my satisfaction anyway.

I'm kinda worried she won't eat well cos when that happens, she'll usually be wanting to eat other things i'm not usually keen on, like crackers & sweets & chocolates & some snacks. Usually as long as she eats the carbos i'm fine.

We'll see how it goes, tomorrow we're making pizza for dinner. Something i'm not sure will work out since i realized she isn't too keen on the tomato sauce. Hope the ham & cheese & actually making it will help :)

Anyway i'm back to reading blogs that inspires which i really like...check out this article on "Eat your food or else" which i felt i've been guilty of at times. Especially since now this little girl has been greatly introduced to sweets and chocolates which i cringe at times at the thought of how unhealthy some sweets are. We have kept Eliza's diet relatively healthy with a lot of fruits (which i'm glad she loves with some exceptions), well....till she started school :S and all the goodie bags with the unhealthy snacks i don't even eat entice her. I hope to continue to remember these 5 tips for healthy eating habits for no.2 too when it's her time to start on the wonderful world of food :)

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