Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My favourite recent photos

I've got just too many photos that i have to periodically back them up and delete those in iPhoto so that it doesn't take up sooooooo much space in my computer.

Nowadays Eliza's favourite pose is the *twist* and she gamely always poses for us when we pull out the camera.

This is really was taken by my sis. And i love her expression here...

See...she knows' i'm taking the photo...and here goes her *twist* again.

We had a great time at our marriott staycation. And Eliza, being older now also had a blast and i felt that she was more aware than when we did staycations last time. I took a half day that day and Ww managed to get her to have lunch (Macdonald's meal..and all she ate was fries), nap and then meet me in Orchard. By the time we arrived at the hotel room, she nicely woke up from her nap. The first thing she said when she saw the room? "Wah, nice room!"

Every kid loves bubbles and her expression tells it all.

January was also the time for school. I joined in with her during the first day of the orientation which was quite fine for her and in this photo, even though i was quite a distance from her, she still saw me with my camera and gave me a pose.

She's still adapting to school but it's getting better. I'm a little disappointed that the school's music enrichment class can't start cos there's only 3 students who has signed up so far, and they need 8 to start. Eliza was really looking forward to it. I wouldn't take another day just to go for the extra lesson when the music school comes to her kindergarten to conduct the lesson, which is really great.

I miss my girl so much...i see her for halfhour in the morning, snuggle with her 15mins while she drinks milk after she wakes up, and 1-2 hours at night when i come home...hmm..seems little. So i'm looking forward to friday to spend time with her and send her to school.

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